Youth Oriented Instruction

Nurturing the "Highly Interested."

Everyone agrees that children with a gift, or a stong calling such as dance, music or art, need to be nurtured. While much is available for other venues, to date, there have been few programs that exist for parents to enroll their visually artistic children. Most art classes are short workshops, and the schoolroom is full of non-artists. As well, art appreciation is the goal of most programs.

Our goal is to bring continuing instruction and mentoring to

children and young adults in the arena of visual art and to

help them realize the full potential of their giftings. We want to encourage, to nurture, to provide answers, to challenge, and to inspire.

Sometimes artistic children are labeled gifted, and sometimes they're called introspective or withdrawn. We feel that these kids are "highly interested." They have a passion - that is to create artwork - and it looks different to those who don't follow the same calling. We hope to fill the gap and give kids the opportunity to realize their passion for art.