Courses and Price List

Drawing I & Drawing II -Youth

This class provides an understanding of the tools necessary to create artwork and expound on fundamental techniques used in every form of art and the creative process itself. The course will go more in-depth and explore imaginative thinking, troubleshooting techniques, and experimentation; leading students onto a path in creating a more intuitive and artistic mind.

Painting - Youth

Students will learn fundamentals of layout, design, and composition. Simultaneously, they will learn color theory and explore brush and stroke techniques while creating their work of art. 

They will also study and learn about the master painters, what inspired them, and the history behind their lives. 

Class time will be devoted to creating particular works of art including studying realism, abstract, cubism, and impressionistic art forms.

Adult Watercolor

Explore masking techniques, exceptional use of color variation and accomplished composition. Learn what makes water and color work together and master the way the painting medium functions. If you ever thought watercolor was a difficult medium to master, attending this class will make you wonder why you ever felt that way.

Fine Art Painting

Sessions include an array of exposure to master paintings, techniques and traditional methodologies. This is an adult course for any level.


Go in-depth into wheel throwing, hand building, and glazing. Create your own fired sculpture of artwork learning unique glazing techniques. Be guided through pottery development including complex and intricate building processes. 

Courses include beginner to advanced techniques. 

Watercolor & Theory - Youth

Minimal Supplies required but you need lots of imagination. Learn how to combine unique geometric shapes and form to create incredible works of art. This class is for youth 8 -17 years old.

Hybrid Drawing - Youth and Adult

Would you like the freedom to sketch the world around you, but also be able to draw with a more significant amount of accuracy? With a hybrid approach to drawing, you can train the intuitive side of your brain as well as the analytical at the same time! You’ll have fun learning how to sketch what you see quickly. You’ll also gain valuable techniques to get the right proportions and to have a more critical eye for detail. The goal of this class is to provide you with a set of skills to build a solid foundation to create realistic artwork. Whether you’re sketching for fun or preparing for a masterpiece, this class will give you the tools you need

Drawing, sketching, and pastels

This is a less formal, loose curriculum class. We will enjoy a no pressure approach to creating fun artwork. This class is great for students who are more abstract and interested in simply learning more about  art. Be ready to talk and interact with your fellow artists. 

Intro to Traditional Animation

This class teaches traditional animation. It illustrates the necessary first steps to understanding the concepts and procedures of animation. Throughout the course, students will discuss ideas and thoughts and learn the 12 principles of animation. They'll also create animations based on those principles. Students will be exposed to animation created by such studios as Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, and Blue Sky Studios. A basic understanding of computers is necessary. This class has  limited space and special requirements. Please check with The Academy for more details (720) 408-8937. 

Course Descriptions

A one-time $25.00 administration fee applies to all new students.