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Our Mission

Art takes passion, drive, and interest.  Most people will agree there is also a natural talent that is involved. The talent part is the vision and ability to create. However, we want to stimulate, challenge and encourage the imagination too. 

In our class setting, we hope to bring students into the discovery of concepts that most professional Artists already know. By understanding the complicated aspects of visual art, we can direct students to find out how that system works. At that point, they will have the keys to unlock a storeroom of creative talents. 

We also aim to encourage! Artists strive to succeed. To attain the goal of being an accomplished Artist, a person needs direction, interaction with other artists and to be given the proper tools. The Art Academy of Colorado delivers on this agenda. Moreover, we'll delve into many of the different styles and movements with the intention of educating but to also open the doors of the mind to new forms and expressions of art.

About Us

Emmy Award Winning


Jim Peters is the Academy Director. He is the former Art Director for all of 21st Century FOX owned and operated television stations from New York to Los Angeles. Partnering with Jim are incredibly qualified and experienced teachers ready to guide you through Discovering the Artist Within!

First-Rate Course Offerings


The Academy's curriculum is born out of a combination of years of experience and professional study. Focus includes traditional educational techniques along with imaginative concepts utilized in think tanks of real world companies. We adhere to the Colorado Model Content Standards for Visual Arts.

Our Mission


We strive to bring knowledge to students that will nurture, enhance and open the minds eye to the unique world of Art. Students will be guided through a development process designed to give a better understanding of core principles used in design and execution of all artwork. 

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The Art Academy of Colorado

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